8 Mahatma Gandhi Statues Around The World

Statues of mahatma gandhi have been published around the world

Mahatma gandhis philosophy of non violence is seen as a means of social and political change

Many countries have statues of gandhi in their honor

The city where gandhi was thrown off a train for not being white is now home to a statue of him

On march 14 2015 british prime minister david cameron unveiled a gandhi statue in londons parliament square

The gandhi memorial international foundation donated a bronze sculpture of gandhi to the united states in 1986

The gandhi statue made by ram vanji sutar was presented to argentina

Gandhi wanted his ashes to be scattered in the river so a statue of him was built in uganda

The indian government gave switzerland a gandhi statue to mark the 60th anniversary of the treaty of amity

President kovind unveiled a bronze statue of mahatma gandhi in australia