Ather Energy Introduces 450S And 450X With New Display, Safety Features

The 450s and 450x have new display safety features

450s and 450x are based on the companys bestselling 450 platform

Both models come with new safety and performance features

Battery Capacity And Range The 450S Has A Battery Capacity Of 2.9 Kwh And An Idc Range Of 115 Km While The 450X Has The Option To Choose Between 115 Km And 145 Km Range Variants.

The 450s can go from 0 to 40 kmh in 38 seconds and has a top speed of 90 kmh

The models can be charged at a speed of up to 15 kmmin

Users can upgrade to the pro pack over the core configuration

The new display has a 10001 contrast ratio

The new switchgear has two new additions oneclick reverse and a joystick

Sense rider has fall stop motor flash indicators and panic brakes