Blasting Off With Chandrayaan

There is a time capsule of indian scifi cinema

Indian scifi cinema has evolution from 1960s adventures to todays thrillers

The true story of nambi narayanan is told in this hindi biographical film

This hindi biographical drama series is about the lives and achievements of two pioneers of indias space and nuclear programs

This hindi scifi mystery series is about an investigation into a plane crash that leads to a missing flight from 35 years ago

A postdeath transition agent on a spaceship is the subject of a hindi scifi comedydrama

The film is about the team of scientists and engineers who worked on the mars orbiter mission india

The movie is about a team of astronauts who are sent on a mission to fix a malfunctioning satellite

The indian space research organisation recruited a daredevil escape artist to stop an asteroid from colliding with earth

The film is about an indian scientist who invents a rocket that can travel to the moon and beyond