Bollywood’S 2023 Top Grossers

Bollywoods 2023 top grossers week one collections

In the first week of collections the bollywood box office is leading the pack

Here are the top 10 week one grossers in bollywood

Rs 36415 crore is the amount for the first pathaan

The amount is rs 28463 crore 2 gadar 2

Rs 12115 crore is the 3rd highest amount in the world

Tu jhoothi main makkaar is worth rs 9284 crore

21 apr 2023 rs 9221 crore rs 9221 crore 5 kisi ka bhai kisi ki jaan

Rs 8505 crore 6 omg 2 is worth rs 8505 crore

There will be an amount of rs 8114 crore on may 5 2023