Festive Shopping Goes Digital

Festive shopping goes digital is a guide to avoid qr code scam

As the digital payment landscape continues to evolve awareness and caution remain your best allies in protecting your financial wellbeing

The demand for household appliances electronics apparel is likely to rise as the festive season gains steam

Consumers are increasingly using digital payment methods like upi credit and qr codes

Gen z and the younger generation are at the forefront of the digital payment revolution

The threat of cyber fraud is growing as a result of the digital payment revolution

Fraudsters share a fake qr code with the receiver which leads to an unexpected debit from the receivers account

A fraudulent qr code is sent to a seller by a scammer

Fraudulent qr codes are used in another scam to trick victims into losing money

Qr codes are used in phishing emails withreputable companies leading to financial losses for the unwary