Google Antitrust Trial

There are 10 things to know about the most significant case on tech giant

The biggest tech antitrust trial in 25 years is about to start

Last night was the start of the trial

October 2020 was when the initial suit was filed by the us government

The trial will determine if the monopoly power has been maintained through exclusive contracts with distribution partners

The us department of justice and 38 state attorneys general claim that google has a monopoly on search and advertising through exclusive contracts

They allege that these contracts are with web browser developers original equipment makers and wireless carriers

According to jp morgan there will be nearly 30 billion paid to search distribution partners in the next three years

Section 2 of the sherman act makes it illegal for a person to attempt to monopolise any part of the trade or commerce

Microsofts bing could become the default search provider on platforms where google is the default today or that apple could develop or buy its own search engine