Hariyali Teej: 10 Must

The auspicious day is celebrated with 10 musttry dishes

Delectable dishes that celebrate the essence of the monsoon season can be found at hariyali teej

The union of lord shiva and goddess parvati is marked by a feast of delicious traditional recipes and fasting prayers

There is a rajasthani dessert called ghevar which is prepared with flour ghee and sugar syrup

Malpua are fried pancakes made with sugar syrup and nuts

Sattu kachori is a favorite blend of sattu with spices

It is a perfect snack for tea time or festive occasions

Litti is made from roasted wheat balls stuffed with spiced gram flour and served with chokha and ghee

The pedakiyagujiya features deep fried wheat flour pockets

Thekua is made from flour and ghee during festivals in bihar