Hottest Chillies In The World: Pepper X Dethrones Carolina Reaper

There is a list of the top 10 hottest chillies in the world

Carolina reaper was the worlds hottest chili pepper for a decade

The worlds spiciest chilli pepper was declared by guinness world records due to its remarkable scoville rating of 269 million units

Ed currie the founder of the puckerbutt pepper company created the carolina reaper pepper x to boost the capsaicin levels

Take a look at some of the hottest chilli peppers

The 7 pot red scoville score is 1000000 shu

The 7 pot barrackpore scoville score is 1000000 shu

Ghost pepper bhut jolokia scoville score 1041427 shu 8

The naga viper scoville score is 1349000 shu

Trinidad scorpion t scoville score 1463700 shu 6