Imc 2023 Day 1 Highlights: 5G, Satellite

The first day of imc is highlighted by 5g satellitebased spacefiber and digital entrepreneurship

The 7th edition of india mobile congress was inaugurated by pm narendra modi

Prime minister narendra modi talked about indias technological achievements during this edition of imc

He said that the future is no longer a decade away but due to advances in technology

Indias digital infrastructure has caused global admiration with other countries looking to replicate it as it has the potential to boost world economies

By march 2024 the country will have a 5g network with a strong focus on digital infrastructure

The expansion of its existing 4g coverage was mentioned by the chairman

The first satellitebased gigafiber service was introduced by reliance jio

Imc launchedspire a startup program to promote entrepreneurship growth among young innovators and industry delegates in the telecom and other digital domains

The telecom minister said that 5g has been a key driver in indias digital transformation