Meet Vivek Ramaswamy, A Front

Meet an indianamerican who was a frontrunner in the presidential election

A poll shows a tie for second place among republican candidates

While expresident donald trump leads the race indianamerican businessman vivek ramaswamy and florida governor ron desantis are tied for second place

Desantis support dropped to 10 from 21 in june

Almost half of ramaswamy supporters said they would definitely vote for him while only a third of desantis supporters said the same

There is speculation that ramaswamy could be trumps running mate

Here is a look at who ramaswamy is

The cincinnati hindu was born on august 9 1985

Apoorva tewari ramaswamy was a geriatric psychiatrist at the ohio state university

The parents of ramaswamy were deported to the united states from the city of palakkad