Nexon.Ev: Tata’S Curvv

The curvvinspired ev that offers more than ice is called thenexonev

The first midlife cycle update for the nexon is now called nexonev

The new design of thenexonev is inspired by the curvv concept

There is a led light band on the nose that shows the charging status of the battery

The nexonev has a split headlamp design with led drls and trapezoidal housings

There are many design elements that are similar to the icenexon

The new dashboard of thenexonev has a 123inch touchscreen and touchbased hvac controls

Thenexonev comes with a car tech wireless charging system and a sound system

Prime video disney hotstar and others can be watched on the go with the arcadeev app suite

Emergency call assist blind view monitor and abs esc front are some of the safety features of thenexonev