The indian prime minister faced the most noconfidence motion

There is a noconfidence motion against the modi government

None of the 28 noconfidence motions have been successful

On july 20th modi faced a total of 2 noconfidence motions

The total noconfidence motion was faced by atal bihari vajpayee

On december 11 1987 rajiv gandhi faced a noconfidence motion

Nehru faced a noconfidence motion on august 22 1963

On may 11 1978 and july 12 1979 morarji desai faced a total noconfidence motion

On july 17 1992 and december 21 1992 there were three noconfidence motions faced by pv narasimha rao

The congress had 3 noconfidence motions one on september 18 1964 and two on march 16 1965