Ola Electric Launches New S1 X Scooter In 3 Variants, Updates S1 Pro

The new s1 x scooter is in 3 different versions

The s1 x is a new entry level offering with prices starting from rs 89999

The s1 x sports motor has the same hub motor as the s1 air which has a claimed top speed of 90kmph

The s1 x comes with either a 2kwh or a 3kwh battery pack

The s1 x has additional features such as voice control and theft alert

All three versions of the s1 x can be booked from today and delivered by the end of september and the lower two versions in december

The 2ndgen s1 pro is priced at rs 148 lakh and features several improvements over its debut product

The 2ndgen s1 pro gets a more powerful motor that makes 11kw peak output and a claimed top speed of 120kmph

The 2ndgen s1 pro has higher range numbers due to improved efficiency

The 2ndgen s1 pro gets a new frame that replaces the singlesided front suspension