Old Parliament In Memoirs

10 women share memories in an old parliament memoir

The female parliamentarians wrote farewell notes to the old parliament building

The building which has been the epicentre of indias democratic journey has been mourned by various parties

Harsimrat badal said from being an awed visitor in 2006 to a firsttime mp in 2009 then a firsttime minister in 2014 these 144 pillars in this temple of democracy hold a multitude of memories for me

She shared memories learnings policy making friendship and history and the sheer beauty of this architectural marvel that has seen intense debate and disruptions

She said that she felt deep within that she was entering a historic building which witnessed india gaining its independence

She said antim jay ka vajra banane nav dadhichi haddiyan galaayein

Mahua moitra said that the building will always have a special place in his heart

In her note smriti irani shared her best wishes

She wrote that the sessions in the old beautiful parliament building echo the voices of the leaders who contributed to the development of our beautiful country