Openai Ceo Was ‘Totally Wrong’ About Antisemitism ‘On The American Left’

Openai ceo was wrong about antisemitism

Sam altman said he was wrong about thetent of antisemitism on the american left

For a long time i said that antisemitism on the american left was not bad

I would like to just state that i was wrong

Writing at a loss to explain the phenomenon he said i still dont understand it really or know what to do about it

Sam altman openai  ceo “but it is so f–ked”

The latest business titan to condemn antisemitism is openai ceo who was kicked out of the company last month

Bill ackman demanded the resignation of the heads of harvard and upenn universities due to their refusal to condemn calls to kill jews

The october 7 attack by hamas terrorists against israel claimed the lives of 1200 people