Retirement Readiness

There are countries with the best pension systems

According to the 15th annual mercer cfa institute global pension index australia has climbed to 5th place

The need for improvements in retirement readiness is highlighted in indias low ranking in the global pension index

A overall grade of 886 adequacy and 887 integrity are the top grades in the netherlands

Adequacy 80 integrity 838 and sustainability 835 are the totals of the overall grades

Adequacy 778 integrity 825 and sustainability 813 make up the denmark overall grade

Israel a overall grade of 77 adequacy 844 integrity 827 sustainability 808 total

Australia b overall grade is 707 adequacy 861 integrity 784 sustainability 773

The overall grade of the finns was 774 adequacy 909 integrity 656 and the total was 766

The overall grade of the singapore b was 798 adequacy 77 integrity and 716 sustainability