Sharad Purnima

You can enjoy the top 8 dishes on kojagiri full moon

Kojagiri purnima is a hindu festival that is celebrated in various parts of india

People observe a fast throughout the day and break it after the moonrise

Take a look at the dishes that can be prepared on the occasion of sharad purnima

Rice kheer rice kheer is a must for kojagiri purnima

The perfect drink to drink on kojagiri purnima is masala doodh

Doodh poha is a sweet treat that can be enjoyed on a full moon night

If you are going to be fast on purnima you should eat a dish that combines sago pearls potatoes and peanuts

Coconut ladoo is made with coconut condensed milk and has nuts in it

A sweet flatbread with a chana dal and jaggery filling is a festive treat