Top 10 Ott Releases To Watch This Week

Top 10 ott releases to watch this week

King of kotha in the ominous village of kotha is a story about power and revenge

Tumse na ho payega will make you miss maa ke hath ka khana

There is a romantic comedy that will leave you wanting more

The gang bids farewell to their hostel lives remind us of the beautiful chaos of youth and the bonds forged in the hostel corridors

The murder mystery of solang valley will keep you guessing until the end with an allstar cast

There is a group of misfits who discover a common enemy in a scheming politician

Love is in the air is a romantic comedy that doesnt tell the whole story of dana randall

The story of a man who loses everything in life but gets a second chance at happiness is a tale of longing

The film focuses on the thoughts and motives of the man who killed mahatma gandhi