Top 10 Winter Spices That Boost Immunity, Aid Digestion And More

Top 10 winter spices that increase immunity aid digestion

India has a wide range of spices that provide a variety of health benefits

Dalchini is derived from the bark of the cinnamon tree

Its often referred to as the queen of spices because its a natural decongestant making it ideal for winter when respiratory issues are common

Renowned for its ability to soothe sore throats and nausea ginger is a must have during the winter

Cloves are effective in preventing and managing winter illnesses

Black pepper is known to improve digestion and promote gut health

Consumingcurcumin in turmeric is a potent antiinflammatory and antioxidant

Nutmeg is often used to relieve stress and anxiety

Fenugreek is an excellent source of iron and fiber and is known to regulate blood sugar levels