Worst Diwali Stunts Captured On Cam: Hyundai Verna Rocket Launcher To Ford Endeavour

Worst diwali stunts captured on cam hyundai verna rocket launcher to ford endeavour nov 15 2023 by amber banerjee

The festivities were used as an excuse to perform dangerous stunts and gain attention on social media

The latest incident is from tamil nadu where a group of youthstrapped live rockets to the front of a yamaha mt 15 motorcycle

There was a trail of smoke behind the wheelies and firecrackers that the rider brought up in the air

10 members of the group were nabbed by the police after the video went viral

The video from gurugrams golf course road went viral for showing rockets being launched from a black ford endeavour

Firecrackers were launched from inside the cabin towards the sky almost like the owner thought his car was a turret gun

Three people were arrested in gurugram after a video went viral