different types of Pallet Racking Systems

Here are the different types of pallet racking systems:

Selective Pallet Racking:

  • The most common type of pallet racking.
  • Each pallet has its own individual bay, allowing for direct access to any pallet without having to move others.
  • Ideal for warehouses with a wide variety of inventory or where frequent access to pallets is required.
Selective Pallet Racking
Selective Pallet Racking

Double Deep Pallet Racking:

  • Similar to selective racking, but two pallets are stored deep in each bay.
  • Forklifts need a special narrow aisle to access the pallets in the back.
  • More space-efficient than selective racking, but less accessible.
Double Deep Pallet Racking
Double Deep Pallet Racking

Drive-In Pallet Racking:

  • Forklifts drive directly into the racking to load and unload pallets.
  • High-density storage option, but limited access to individual pallets.
  • Best for storing large quantities of the same pallet.
Drive-In Pallet Racking
Drive-In Pallet Racking

Drive-Thru Pallet Racking:

  • Similar to drive-in racking, but pallets are loaded from one side and unloaded from the other.
  • Creates a one-way flow of pallets, which can improve efficiency.
  • Requires more space than drive-in racking.
DriveThru Pallet Racking
DriveThru Pallet Racking

Pallet Flow Racking:

  • Uses gravity to move pallets.
  • Pallets are loaded onto rollers at the back of the rack and roll forward as pallets are removed from the front.
  • First-in, first-out (FIFO) inventory flow.
  • Ideal for storing perishable goods or items with short shelf lives.
Pallet Flow Racking
Pallet Flow Racking

Push-Back Pallet Racking:

  • Similar to pallet flow racking, but pallets are loaded onto carts that push against each other.
  • Can store up to six pallets deep per lane.
  • Last-in, first-out (LIFO) inventory flow.
  • Good for storing seasonal items or slow-moving inventory.
PushBack Pallet Racking
PushBack Pallet Racking

Cantilever Racking:

  • Designed for storing long or oddly shaped items, such as pipes, lumber, or furniture.
  • Pallets are supported on arms that extend out from the wall.
  • No vertical beams in the way, so items can be easily accessed from the front.
Cantilever Racking
Cantilever Racking

Multi-Tier Pallet Racking:

  • Uses multiple levels of racking to maximize storage space.
  • Often used in conjunction with other types of racking, such as selective or double deep,.
  • Can be expensive to install, but can be very space-efficient.
MultiTier Pallet Racking
MultiTier Pallet Racking

The best type of pallet racking for your warehouse will depend on your specific needs and requirements. Consider factors such as the type of inventory you store, the frequency of access, and your budget.

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