Lis of IS code for Sanitary Appliances and Water Fittings

IS 651 (pdf)2007Glazed Stoneware Pipe and Fittings –
IS 771-1 (pdf)1979Glazed Fire-Clay Sanitary Appliances: Part-1 General Requirements
IS 771-2 (pdf)1985Glazed Fire-Clay Sanitary Appliances: Part-2 Specific Requirements of Kitchen And Laboratory Sinks
IS 771-3-1 (pdf)1979Glazed Fire Clay Sanitary Appliances : Part-3 Specific Requirements of Urinals, Section 1: Slab Urinals
IS 771-3-2 (pdf)1985Glazed Fire-Clay Sanitary Appliances, Part 3: Specific Requirements of Urinals: Section 2 Stall Urinals
IS 771-4 (pdf)1979Glazed Fire-Clay Sanitary Appliances, Part 4: Specific Requirements of Postmortom Slabs
IS 771-5 (pdf)1979Glazed Fire-clay Sanitary Appliances, Part V: Specific Requirements of Shower Trays
IS 771-6 (pdf)1979Glazed Fire-clay Sanitary Appliances, Part VI: Specific Requirements of Bed Pan Sinks
IS 771-7 (pdf)1981Glazed Fire-Clay Sanitary Appliances, Part 7: Specific Requirements of Slop Sinks
IS 772 (pdf)1973General Requirements for Enamelled Cast Iron Sanitary Appliances
IS 774 (pdf)2004Flushing Cistern for Water Closets and Urinals (Other Than Plastic Cisterns) –
IS 778 (pdf)1984Copper Alloy Gate, Globe and Check Valves for Waterworks Purposes
IS 779 (pdf)1994Water Meters (Domestic Type)
IS 781 (pdf)1984Cast Copper Alloy Screw Down Bib Taps And Stop Valves for Water Services
IS 782 (pdf)1978Specification for Caulking Lead
IS 1701 (pdf)1960mixing valves for ablutionary and domestic purposes
IS 1703 (pdf)2000Water Fittings – Copper Alloy Float Valves (Horizontal Plunger Type) –
IS 1711 (pdf)1984self-closing taps for water supply purposes
IS 1726 (pdf)1991cast iron manhole covers and frames
IS 1795 (pdf)1982Pillar Taps for Water Supply Purposes
IS 2326 (pdf)1987Automatic Flushing Cisterns for Urinals (Other than Plastic Cisterns)
IS 2373 (pdf)1981Water Meters (Bulk Type)
IS 2548-1 (pdf)1996plastic seats and covers for water-closets, Part 1: Thermoset seats and covers
IS 2548-2 (pdf)1996plastic seats and covers for water-closets, Part 2: Thermo plastic seats and covers
IS 2556-1 (pdf)1994vitreous sanitary appliances (vitreous china): Part 1 General requirements
IS 2556-2 (pdf)2004Vitreous Sanitary Appliances (Vitreous China) – – Part 2: Specific Requirements of Washdown Water Closets
IS 2556-3 (pdf)2004Vitreous Sanitary Appliances (Vitreous China) – – Part 3: Specific Requirements of Squatting Pans
IS 2556-4 (pdf)2004Vitreous Sanitary Appliances (Vitreous China) – – Part 4: Specific Requirements of Wash Basins
IS 2556-5 (pdf)1994vitreous sanitary appliances (vitreous china): Part 5 Specific requirements of laboratory sinks
IS 2556-6 (pdf)1995Vitreous Sanitary Appliances (Vitreous China), Part 6: Specific Requirements of Urinals and Partition Plates
IS 2556-7 (pdf)1995Vitreous Sanitary Appliances (vitreous china) -, Part 7: Specific Requirements of Accessories for Sanitary Appliances
IS 2556-8 (pdf)2004Vitreous Sanitary Appliances (Vitreous China) -, Part 8: Specific Requirements of Pedestal Close Coupled Washdown and Syphonic Water Closets
IS 2556-9 (pdf)2004Vitreous Sanitary Appliances (Vitreous China) – – Part 9: Specific Requirements of Pedestal Type Bidets
IS 2556-14 (pdf)1995vitreous sanitary appliances (vitreous china): Part 14 Specific requirements of integrated squatting pans
IS 2556-15 (pdf)2004Vitreous Sanitary Appliances (Vitreous China) – , Part 15: Specific Requirements of Universal Water Closets
IS 2556-16 (pdf)2002Vitreous Sanitary Appliances (Vitreous China) – , Part 16: Specific Requirements of Wash Down Wall Mounted Water Closets
IS 2556-17 (pdf)2001Vitreous Sanitary Appliances (Vitreous China) – , Part 17: Specific Requirements of Wall Mounted Bidets
IS 2685 (pdf)1971Code of practice for selection, installation and maintenance of sluice valves
IS 2692 (pdf)1989ferrules for water services
IS 2963 (pdf)1979copper alloy waste-fittings for wash basins and sinks
IS 3004 (pdf)1979plug cocks for water supply purposes
IS 3006 (pdf)1979chemically resistant glazed stoneware pipes and fittings
IS 3042 (pdf)1965single faced sluice gates (200 to 1200 mm size)
IS 3311 (pdf)1979waste plug and its accessories for sinks and wash-basins
IS 3950 (pdf)1979surface boxes for sluice valves
IS 4038 (pdf)1986foot valves for water works purposes
IS 4346 (pdf)1982washers for use with fittings for water services
IS 5219-1 (pdf)1969cast copper alloys traps: Part 1 ‘P’ and ‘S’ traps
IS 5312-1 (pdf)2004Swing Check Type Reflux (Non-Return] Valves for Water Works Purposes, Part 1: Single-Door Pattern
IS 5312-2 (pdf)1986Swing Check Type Reflux (non-return) Valves for Water Works Purpose, Part 2: Multi-Door Pattern
IS 5455 (pdf)1969cast-iron steps for manholes
IS 5961 (pdf)1970cast iron gratings for drainage purposes
IS 6411 (pdf)1985gel-coated glass fibre reinforced polyester resin bath tubs
IS 6784 (pdf)1996Method for performance testing of water meters (domestic type)
IS 7231 (pdf)1994plastic flushing cisterns for waterclosets and urinals
IS 8931 (pdf)1993copper alloy fancy single taps, combination tap assembly and stop valves for water services
IS 9140 (pdf)1996Method for sampling of vitrous and fire clay sanitary appliances
IS 9338 (pdf)1984cast iron screw-down stop valves and stop and check valves for water works purposes
IS 9739 (pdf)1981pressure reducing valves for domestic water supply systems
IS 9758 (pdf)1981flush valves and fittings for water closets and urinals
IS 9762 (pdf)1994polyethylene floats (spherical) for float valves
IS 9763 (pdf)2000Plastics Bib Taps, Pillar Taps, Angle Valves and Stop Valves for Hot and Cold Water Services –
IS 11246 (pdf)1992glass fibre reinforced polyester resins (GRP) squatting pans
IS 12234 (pdf)1988plastic equilibrium float valve for cold water services
IS 12701 (pdf)1996rotational moulded polyethylene water storage tanks
IS 13049 (pdf)1991diaphragm type (plastic body) float operated valves for cold water services
IS 13114 (pdf)1991forged brass gate, globe and check valves for water works purposes
IS 13349 (pdf)1992Cast iron single faced thimble mounted sluice gates
IS 13983 (pdf)1994stainless steel sinks for domestic purposes
IS 14399-1 and 2 (pdf)1996Hot Press Moulded Thermosetting Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester Resin (GRP) Sectional Water Storage Tanks, Part 1: palels, Part 2 Guidelines for assembly, installation and test
IS 14845 (pdf)2000Resilient Seated Cast Iron Air Relief Valves for Water Works Purposes –
IS 14846 (pdf)2000Sluice Valve for Water Works Purposes (50 to 1200 mm Size) –

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