August 2023

Steel liner design

Designing a steel liner involves careful consideration of various factors, including the purpose of the liner, the materials and loads it will be exposed to, and the structural requirements. Steel liners are commonly used in applications such as industrial tanks, pipelines, tunnels, and storage structures. Here are the key steps and considerations for designing a

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Plate load vs CBR

The Plate Load Test (PLT) and the California Bearing Ratio (CBR) test are both geotechnical tests used to evaluate the strength and load-bearing capacity of soil, but they have distinct purposes and methodologies. Here’s a comparison of the two tests: 1. Purpose: 2. Test Method: 3. Results: 4. Application: In summary, while both the Plate

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Plate load test results

The Plate Load Test is a crucial procedure for evaluating the bearing capacity and settlement characteristics of the ground. Its results provide valuable insights into the load-bearing capability of the soil and its ability to withstand applied forces. Here, we summarize the key aspects of Plate Load Test results: Load-Settlement (Deflection) Curve: The primary outcome

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Plate load analysis

The Plate Load Test AX01 is a critical tool used to determine both the allowable and ultimate bearing capacity of the ground. It offers a precise measurement of the load-deflection relationship and is well-suited for assessing pavements, foundations, and temporary work platforms. This test provides immediate, repeatable results, facilitating on-site decision-making. It adheres to the

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