What are the specifications of steel liner for pile?

This part of the Specifications only deals with the permanent steel liner or casing. When a permanent steel casing is shown on the Drawings, the steel shall conform to the Indian Standard Specification IS 2062: 2011 or equivalent. Introduction The minimum thickness of the permanent steel casing/liner shall be 10 mm. The minimum length shall … Read more

Why does reinforcement provide in pile?

Reinforcement is provided to enable the pile to resist the bending moment developed during pickup and transportation, the vertical load, and the bending moment caused by a lateral load. Various types of cast-in-place concrete piles are currently used in construction, and most of them have been patented by their manufacturers. These piles may be divided … Read more

Design of Pile Foundations | IRC 78-2014 | IS 2911- 2010,Part -1, Section 2 |

The construction of a pile foundation requires a careful choice of piling system depending upon the subsoil condition and load characteristics of the structure. The permissible limits of total and differentials settlement, unsupported length of the pile under scour and any other special requirements of the project are also equally important criteria for adoption. For … Read more