Plate load analysis

The Plate Load Test AX01 is a critical tool used to determine both the allowable and ultimate bearing capacity of the ground. It offers a precise measurement of the load-deflection relationship and is well-suited for assessing pavements, foundations, and temporary work platforms. This test provides immediate, repeatable results, facilitating on-site decision-making. It adheres to the standards set by DIN 18134 and ASTM 1195 / ASTM 1196, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Assessing Bearing Capacity and Settlement Under Load

The Plate Load Test AX01 plays a pivotal role in evaluating the short-term settlement of subgrades in pavements, temporary work platforms, and building footings when subjected to their intended design loads. This settlement data is then compared to design load settlement criteria to ensure soil suitability. This test serves the interests of both contractors and regulatory bodies, being recognized as the industry benchmark for in-situ assessments.

The AX01 Plate Load Test provides valuable insights, including:

  1. Load-settlement (deflection) curve.
  2. Strain moduli for the first and second loading cycles, Ev1 and Ev2 (indicative of soil bearing capacity).
  3. Modulus of subgrade reaction, ks (a measure of stiffness).
  4. Ratio Ev2/Ev1 (indicating compaction levels).

Site characterization is a fundamental, albeit challenging, aspect of geotechnical engineering. The AX01 Plate Load Test enhances site characterization quality and simplifies the process.

This test conforms to DIN 18134: 2012-04 standards, ensuring its reliability.

Advantages of the AX01 Plate Load Test

The AX01 Plate Load Test offers numerous advantages:

  • Validates design assumptions, reducing construction risk.
  • Enhances the certainty of design parameters, preventing over-design and under-design.
  • Potential to refine design parameters based on on-site measurements, potentially reducing capital costs.
  • Quick and efficient operation (approximately 25-30 minutes per test).
  • Provides immediate results for real-time decision-making.
  • Cost-effective with one-person operation.
  • Improved safety, as the operator remains away from the counterweight.
  • Accurate, repeatable, and non-destructive results.
  • Eliminates the need for manual data analysis or calculations.
  • GPS-located and time-stamped data for traceability.
  • Visually presented results for enhanced understanding.

Applications of the Plate Load Test

The Plate Load Test AX01 finds applications in various scenarios, including:

  • Flexible pavements and unsealed roads.
  • Mine access roads and tunnels.
  • Railway track beds.
  • Airport runway and taxiways.
  • Hard standing areas.
  • Wind farms.
  • Building foundations.
  • Pipe laying and tank farms.

For instance, it is instrumental in determining if the ground can support structures like temporary crane outrigger pads or piling rigs. It assists mobile crane operators and piling rig contractors in assessing potential settlement under full load, aiding in the sizing of outrigger spreader plates or mats.

This test is invaluable for clients involved in pavement construction, geotechnical assessment, material testing, and site investigation, including road authorities, councils, asset managers, mines, engineering groups, and geotechnical consultancies.

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