List of IS codes for Builder Hardware

IS 204-1 (pdf)1991Tower Bolts – Specification: Part-1 Ferrous Metals
IS 204-2 (pdf)1992Tower Bolts – Specification Part-2 Non-Ferrous Metals
IS 205 (pdf)1992Non-Ferrous Metal Butt Hinges -Specification
IS 206 (pdf)2010Tee and Strap Hinges – Specification
IS 208 (pdf)1996Door Handles -Specification
IS 281 (pdf)2009Mild Steel Sliding Door Bolts for Use With Padlocks -Specification
IS 362 (pdf)1991Parliament Hinges -Specification
IS 363 (pdf)1993Hasps and Staples -Specification
IS 364 (pdf)1993Fanlight Catch -Specification
IS 452 (pdf)1973Door Spring, Rat-Tail Type – Specification
IS 453 (pdf)1993Double Acting Spring Hinges -Specification
IS 1019 (pdf)1974Specification For Rim Latches
IS 1341 (pdf)1992Steel butt hinges –
IS 1823 (pdf)1980Specification for floor door stoppers
IS 1837 (pdf)1966Specification for fanlight pivots
IS 2681 (pdf)1993Non-ferrous metal sliding door bolts (aldrops) for with padlocks -Specification
IS 3564 (pdf)1995Hydraulically Regulated Door Closers -Specification
IS 3818 (pdf)1992Continuous (Piano) hinges -Specification
IS 3828 (pdf)1966Specification for ventilator chains
IS 3843 (pdf)1995Steel back flap hinges -Specification
IS 4621 (pdf)1975Specification for indicating bolts for use in public baths and lavatories
IS 4992 (pdf)1975Specification for door handles for mortice lock (vertical type)
IS 5187 (pdf)1972Specification for flush bolts
IS 5899 (pdf)1970Specification – bath-room latches
IS 6315 (pdf)1992Floor springs (hydraulically regulated) for heavy doors –
IS 6318 (pdf)1971Specification -plastic window stays and fasteners
IS 6343 (pdf)1982Specification for Door Closers (Pneumatically Regulated) for Light Doors Weighing up to 40 kg
IS 7196 (pdf)1974Specification for hold fast
IS 7197 (pdf)1974Specification for double action floor springs (without oil check) heavy door
IS 7534 (pdf)1985Specification for sliding locking bolts for use with padlocks
IS 8756 (pdf)1978Specification for mortice ball catches for use in wooden almirah
IS 9106 (pdf)1979Specification for rising butt hinges
IS 9460 (pdf)1980Specification for Flush Drop Handle for Drawers
IS 9899 (pdf)1981Specification for hat, coat and wardrobe hooks
IS 10019 (pdf)1981Specification for mild steel stays and fasteners
IS 10090 (pdf)1982Specification for numericals
IS 10342 (pdf)1982Specification for curtain rail system
IS 12817 (pdf)1997Stainless steel butt hinges – Specification
IS 12817 (pdf)2013Stainless steel butt hinges – Specification
IS 12867 (pdf)1989PVC Handrail Covers – Specification
IS 14912 (pdf)2001Door Closers, Concealed Type (Hydraulically Regulated) –
IS 15833 (pdf)2009Stainless steel tower bolts -Specification
IS 15834 (pdf)2008Stainless Steel Sliding Door Bolts for use with Padlocks – Specification
IS 15834 (pdf)2008Stainless steel sliding door bolts for use with padlocks -Specification Bilingual)

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