List of IS codes for Earthquake Engineering

IS 1893-1 (pdf)2002Criteria for Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures, Part 1: General Provisions and Buildings
IS 1893-4 (pdf)2005Criteria for earthquake resistant design of structure, Part 4: Industrial structures including stack-like structures )
IS 1893 (pdf)1984Criteria for earthquake resistant design of structures
IS 4326 (pdf)1993Code of practice for earthquake resistant design and construction of buildings
IS 4967 (pdf)1968Recommendations for seismic instrumentation for river valley projects
IS 4991 (pdf)1968Criteria for blast resistant design of structures for explosions above ground
IS 6922 (pdf)1973Criteria for safety and design of structures subject to underground blasts
IS 13827 (pdf)1993Improving earthquake resistance of earthen buildings – Guidelines
IS 13828 (pdf)1993Improving earthquake resistance of low strength masonry buildings – Guidelines
IS 13920 (pdf)1993Ductile detailing of reinforced concrete structures subjected to seismic forces – Code of practice
IS 13935 (pdf)2009Seismic Evaluation, Repair and Strengthening of Masonry Buildings – Guidelines
IS 15988 (pdf)2013Seismic Evaluation and Strengthening of Existing Reinforced Concrete Buildings – Guidelines

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