AFIT using proactive education to enhance civil engineer readiness

Air Force Institute of Technology’s Civil Engineer School Engineer Readiness Planning Seminar:

What it is:

  • A new four-day course designed to train civil engineer leaders on planning and executing team readiness events within the Air Force Generation (AFFORGEN) deployment cycle.

Who it’s for:

  • Civil engineer teams in the AFFORGEN cycle’s RESET stage (about a year and a half before deployment).

What it covers:

  • Identifying team training needs based on Air Force instructions, mandated requirements, and the specific deployment location.
  • Analyzing training requirements and creating a 12-month actionable training plan.
  • Developing a master sequence of events list for the training exercise.


  • Targeted audience: ensures training is relevant and immediately applicable.
  • Networking opportunities: allows participants to learn from each other’s experiences.
  • Dedicated time and focus: provides dedicated time to work on training plans and exercises.
  • Realistic scenarios: incorporates real-world threats and scenarios into training plan development.


  • Empowers team leaders to take ownership of their team’s readiness.
  • Standardizes training plans.
  • Enhances strategic preparedness against evolving threats.
  • Fosters interoperability mindsets among civil engineer teams.


The Engineer Readiness Planning Seminar is a valuable resource that addresses a crucial training gap for civil engineers preparing for deployment. It signifies the Civil Engineer School’s commitment to adapting and improving its training methods to meet the demands of modern warfare.

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