List of IS codes for Public Health Engineering

IS 1172 (pdf)1993Code of Basic Requirements for Water Supply, Drainage and Sanitation
IS 1742 (pdf)1983Code of practice for building drainage
IS 2064 (pdf)1993Code of practice for selection, installation and maintenance of sanitary appliances
IS 2065 (pdf)1983Code of practice for water supply in buildings
IS 2470-1 (pdf)1985Code of practice for installation of septic tanks, Part I: design, criteria and construction
IS 2470-2 (pdf)1985Code of practice for installation of septic tanks, Part II: Secondary treatment and disposal of septic tank effluent
IS 3114 (pdf)1994Code of practice for laying of cast iron pipes
IS 4111-1 (pdf)1986Code of practice for ancillary structures in sewerage system, Part I: Manholes
IS 4111-2 (pdf)1985Code of practice for ancillary structures in sewerage system, Part II: Flusing tanks
IS 4111-3 (pdf)1985Code of practice for ancillary structures in sewerage system, Part III: Inverted syphon
IS 4111-4 (pdf)1968Code of Practice for Ancillary Structures in Sewerage System, Part IV: Pumping Stations and Pumping Mains (Rising mains)
IS 4111-5 (pdf)1993Code of practice for ancillary structures in sewerage system, Part 5: Tidal outfalls
IS 4127 (pdf)1983Code of practice for laying of glazed stoneware pipes
IS 5329 (pdf)1983Code of practice for sanitary pipe work above ground for buildings
IS 5611 (pdf)1987Code of Practice for Construction of Waste Stabilization Ponds (Faculative Type)
IS 5822 (pdf)1994Code of Practice for Laying of Electrically Welded Steel Pipes for Water Supply
IS 6279 (pdf)1971equipment for grit removal devices
IS 6280 (pdf)1971sewage screens
IS 6295 (pdf)1986Code of practice for water supply and drainage in high altitudes and/or sub-zero temperature regions
IS 6924 (pdf)1973Code of Practice for the Construction of Refuse Chutes in Multistoreyed Buildings
IS 7090 (pdf)1985Guidelines for rapid mixing devices
IS 7208 (pdf)1992Guidelines for flocculator devices
IS 7232 (pdf)1974Method for imhoff cone test
IS 7558 (pdf)1974Code of practice for domestic hot water installations
IS 7740 (pdf)1985Code of practice for construction and maintenance of road gullies
IS 8413-1 (pdf)1977Requirements for biological treatment equipment, Part 1: Trickling filters
IS 8413-2 (pdf)1982Requirements for biological treatment end equipment, Part 2: Activated sludge process and its modifications
IS 8419-1 (pdf)1977Requirements for filtration equipment, Part 1: Filtration media – sand and gravel
IS 8419-2 (pdf)1984Requirements for rapid sand gravity filtration equipment, Part 2: Under drainage system
IS 9110 (pdf)1979Hand Operated Augers for Cleaning Water-closets, Pipes and Sewers
IS 9222-1 (pdf)1990Recommendations for handling and dosing devices for chemicals for water treatment, Part I: Coagulants
IS 10037-1 (pdf)1981Requirements for sludge dewatering equipment, Part I: Sludge drying beds-sand, gravel and underdrains
IS 10037-2 (pdf)1983Requirements for sludge de-watering equipment, Part 2: Vacuum filtration equipment
IS 10037-3 (pdf)1983Requirements for sludge de-watering equipment, Part 3: Centrifugal equipment (Solid bowl type)
IS 10053 (pdf)1981Requirements for equipment for jackson candle turbiditimeter and determination of turbidity
IS 10261 (pdf)1982Requirements for settling tank (clarifier equipment) for waste water treatment
IS 10313 (pdf)1982Requirements for settling tank (clarifier equipment) for water treatment plant
IS 10446 (pdf)1983Glossary of terms relating to water supply and sanitation
IS 10552 (pdf)1983buckets to be used in power driven bucket type sewer cleaning machine
IS 10553-1 (pdf)1983Requirements for chlorination equipment, Part I: General guidelines for chlorination plants including handling, storage and safety of chlorine cylinders and drums
IS 10553-2 (pdf)1983Requirements for chlorination equipment, Part 2: Vacuum feed type chlorinators
IS 10553-4 (pdf)1983Requirements for chlorination equipment, Part 4: Gravity feed type gaseous chlorinators
IS 10553-5 (pdf)1987Requirements of chlorination equipment, Part 5: Bleaching powder solution feeder displacement type chlorinator
IS 10595 (pdf)1983Requirements for power-driven bucket-type sewer cleaning machine
IS 11117 (pdf)1984Requirements for power-driven rodding machine for sewers
IS 11208 (pdf)1985Guidelines for registration of plumbers
IS 11387 (pdf)1985Requirements for high-pressure jetting machine for sewer cleaning
IS 11397 (pdf)1985attachment tools for power-driven rodding machines for sewers
IS 11401-1 (pdf)1985Requirements for slow sand filters, Part 1: General guidelines
IS 11401-2 (pdf)1990General requirements for slow sand filters, Part 2: Design, construction, operation and maintenance
IS 11906 (pdf)1986Recommendations for cement mortar lining for cast iron mild steel and ductile-iron pipes and fittings for transportation of water
IS 11925 (pdf)1986pitch-impregnated fibre pipes and fittings for drainage purposes
IS 11931 (pdf)1987sewer cleaning metal rods
IS 11972 (pdf)1987Code of practice for safety precautions to be taken when entering a sewerage system
IS 12183-1 (pdf)1987Code of practice for plumbing in multi-storied buildings, Part 1: Water supply
IS 12251 (pdf)1987Code of practice for drainage of building basements
IS 12288 (pdf)1987Code of Practice for Use and Laying of Ductile Iron Pipes
IS 12314 (pdf)1987Code of practice for sanitation with leaching pits for rural community
IS 13166 (pdf)1992mechanical surface aerators-cuidlines for evaluation and testing
IS 13496 (pdf)1992General requirements of suction machine for cleaning sewers, manholes and ancillary structures provided on the sewer lines and closed storm water drains
SP 35 (pdf)1987Handbook on Water Supply and Drainage (with Special Emphasis on Plumbing)

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