Symbols and Abbreviations for Structural Drawing

Symbols and Abbreviations for Structural Drawing as per IS SP:34 1987

Symbol’s relating to Cross-Sectional Shape and Size of Reinforcement:-

  1. φ plain round bar or diameter of the plain round bar,
  2. □ plain, square bar or side of the plain square bar; and
  3. # deformed bar (including square twisted bar) or nominal size (equivalent diameter or side) of the deformed bar

Symbols relating to the Shape of the Bar along with its Length

AltAlternate bar
BtBent bar
BBottom bar
StStraight bar
CtColumn tie
TTop bar

Symbols Relating to Position and Direction

EWEach way
@Spacing centre-to-centre
Limit of the area covered by bars
′―‚The direction in which bars extend

Symbols Relating to Various Structural

Bm or BBeams
LBLintel beam(s)
Sb or SSlab(s)
WLLongitudinal wall
WxCross wall  
CLCentre line

The symbols, abbreviations and notes shall be used in a manner that will not create any ambiguity. A few examples for representing diameter, spacing, number of bars, etc. illustrated below:

  1. # 20 @ 200 means 20 mm diameter deformed bars spaced at 200 mm centre-to-centre
  2. 20-#12 means 20 numbers of 12 mm diameter deformed bars
  3. Φ 32-St-12 EW means 12 numbers of 32 mm diameter plain round straight bars in each direction

Line and Symbol Designation in the Drawing sheet

image 2
Symbols and Abbreviations for Structural Drawing 3
image 3
Symbols and Abbreviations for Structural Drawing 4

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