What are concrete boardwalks or pedestrian bridge?

Do you make your farmhouse attractive, make a pedestrian bridge in the slushy area of your park, make a viewpoint of your lake or marine area, or a good pathway for tourists to attractive places? 

Then, here is the solution! 

 TerraTread brought to you their concrete boardwalks and pedestrian bridges


Free from Environmental Impact & Traditionally Attractive

After buying concrete boardwalks and pedestrian bridges are built at the site, only have to be installed once and last for 75 years, these concrete boardwalks and pedestrian bridges have a significantly smaller environmental impact, during their service life as well after demolition. It is also a traditional alternative. There’s no need to harvest materials like wood to build the structures, as well. Also, it has no environmental impact. 

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When your clients opt for one of our pedestrian bridge products, they’re choosing something that will last for decades. Due to the high-quality material properties of concrete, there is no need to replace the parts frequently. No need to replace boards, repair walkway sections, and no need for additional maintenance. That’s why people can rely on the durability of TerraTread’s boardwalks.

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Installing our innovative concrete walkways and other pedestrian bridges provides your clients with a long-lasting, durable product that stands the test of time. This dramatically limits the maintenance costs, as our product is built to last. As there’s very little to maintain after our pedestrian bridges are installed, this significantly increases the overall return on investment of the project as well.


TerraTreadpedestrian bridges can be customized to include railings, curbs, and ramps. The concrete can be texturized as well to create a non-slip surface. These features can dramatically boost safety in a heavily trafficked pedestrian area, lowering the risks for slip and fall accidents at the same time.


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Our walkways and bridges are attractive and can be stained in various colours. They’re a beautiful upgrade to ageing wood or stone pathways, creating a weather-resistant option that’s both attractive and durable. Guests to the property can enjoy the beauty and ease of access that our pedestrian bridges create as they stroll around the grounds, enjoy handicapped access, or ride in a golf cart around a golf course with ease. Our designs are created to add to the area’s natural appearance, not take away from it, so each design fits in smoothly.


TerraTreadwalkways and pedestrian bridges are some of the most durable in the industry today. Each project is designed to last for 50-75 years with minimal maintenance required. This makes them an excellent investment for a wide variety of outdoor projects, including landscaping, parks and recreation, urban development, marine access, and more.


 Each of our pedestrian bridges is individually engineered and customized to fit your client’s needs. We provide a complete packaged solution, from the initial phonecall to the full installation of our products. We’re happy to work with you each step of the way so that your clients wind up with a product that they’ll love.

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What is meant by the pedestrian bridge?

A structure that is built over a railway, river, or road so that only people can cross from one side to the other without disturbing the surrounding ecological system.

Which makes the bridge a pedestrian bridge?

A pedestrian bridge also called a footbridge, is simply a bridge, whether, over land or water, that is designed for foot traffic as opposed to vehicle traffic.

What type of bridge is best for pedestrians?

Truss bridges are the workhorses of the pedestrian bridge market for a good reason. They have an extremely efficient engineered design for spanning a gap. Truss bridge designs can accommodate spans from 38 to 40 m and widths of nearly 3m to 6m. The best shape is the N-truss footbridge is easier and more suitable for railway FOB.

What are the advantages of a foot bridge?

Ensure safer crossings over high traffic roadways, railroads, etc., in urban/peri-urban areas. Allow access to stunning views. Enhance nature’s beauty. Increase accessibility to anyone who is disabled. Offer year-round access to frequently flooded areas or ephemeral (seasonal) streams. Provide access to previously inaccessible lands for backpacking, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, etc.

Why are pedestrian bridges important?

Pedestrian bridges discourage walking and cycling and worsen road safety for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Separating people from the street reinforces the prioritization of personal motor vehicles while encouraging speeding, driver negligence, and traffic fatalities.

What are pedestrian bridges made of?

Generally, pedestrian bridges are made of wood for temporary works. In India, rural people are made bridges using bamboo, sal wood, eucalyptus wood, sonajhuri wood etc. for their daily life.

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