What are the of steel bar used in pile foundations?

What are the Special Features of TMT Steel Bar?

  • The best quality TMT Bar comes with the perfect balance of Strength & Flexibility for low carbon content in it.
  • TMT Bars go through Bend & Re-Bend test because they are relatively high strength steels, and the ribs on the bar surface act as stress concentrators.
  • Higher yield strength, Ultimate tensile strength and higher percentage elongation when compared to cold twisted bars (CTD) of the same grade.
  • Highly Weldable that makes it usable for all purposes
  • Highly Corrosion Resistant & Earthquake Resistant
  • Using Fe 500D TMT Rebar can save 1.70 kg. Per metric ton.
  • TMT Bars contain a lesser amount of Sulphur that makes the structures Fire Resistant
  • Metallurgical Process called as “Thermo Mechanical Treatment” is about de-phosphorize the steel in the ladle and de-sulphurize the steel in Ladle Refining Furnace and now steel is at par with Primary steel producers.

Properties of 500D TMT Bar

It is important to follow the IS Standards so that the TMT Bar becomes Strong, Flexible and Fire Resistant. TMT Bars can exchange sudden loads during an earthquake/flood etc. for their high ductility.

Chemical Structure in TMT Bar determines the best elongation. Grade Fe 500& Fe 500D contains the lowest amount of Sulphur & Phosphorus that makes these grades highly acceptable for all construction purposes.

A higher percentage of Sulphur makes the steel prone to Fire & usage of phosphorus cause fatigue to the steel bar.

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Standard Grades of TMT Bars as per IS are:

Fe 415 | Fe 415D | Fe 500 | Fe 500D | Fe 550 | Fe 550D | Fe 600

In any RCC construction, TMT rebar and cement are the two most important components. The life span and safety of these types of structures entirely depends on the properties of the Re-bar and Cement. Designers / Engineers should accept TMT Re-bars, only after proper testing and verification of the same irrespective of the name of the manufacturer.

“Fe” denotes iron in TMT Bar & “D” stand as Elongation.  In Fe 500 & FE 500D TMT Bar “500” implies the minimum yield stress in MPa. FE 500D has a higher percentage of elongation than any other Grade of TMT Bar.

The best TMT Bar should have the quality to

  • Absorb extra energy during an earthquake
  • Protect the building from Fire
  • Corrosion Resistance

Also, the points that we discussed in this article points that the FE 500D TMT Rebar is the best for all construction purposes whether it is civil construction or retail purpose. Its extreme ductility, weldability, bendability is not parallel with any other grade of TMT Rebar.

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